This website offers you the basic information you need in a clear and systematic way. The information is divided in three main sections

The Cost

Everywhere in Europe, and around the world, becoming a pilot is expensive. In general, depending on the country, the cost of pilot training varies between 70.000 and 140.000 EUR. But exactly how expensive depends on the type of training and the training organisation that the aspiring pilot chooses.

The Job

Getting the first job is the hardest challenge for young pilots. The “pilot shortage”, happily advertised by flight schools and aviation experts, is in reality a convenient myth. In fact, unemployment amongst pilots is a significant phenomenon. The average unemployment rate for pilots across Europe is 15%.

The Life

The pilot profession remains one of the most interesting jobs in the world. But not for the reasons you might immediately think of, e.g. flying big aircraft, visiting exotic places around the world and earning lots of money for this. No. Find out what being a pilot today really is!

The path to becoming an airline pilot in Europe has changed dramatically in the past twenty years. The profession is much more accessible due to a rise of private training schools and new types of training & licensing schemes. This however comes at a price. Most airlines choose no longer to invest in pilot training. As a consequence, the cost and risk of becoming a pilot now falls primarily on the individual’s shoulders.

Often aspiring pilots underestimate how volatile the aviation job market is. For instance wanna-be pilots do not know the difference in job perspective in relation to the chosen flight school. A flight licence no longer guarantees you a flying job. Worse, it might leave you unemployed and with a huge debt. So before taking the plunge and taking a mortgage out on your (or your family’s) house, find out:

  • How much does it cost to become a pilot?
  • How the aviation job market looks like in Europe?
  • How to make the right choice between flight schools?
  • What the life of a pilot is like today?

You will also find a range of “Career Aids” –  providing additional information & reference documents for aspiring pilots.

If flying is your dream – go for it! But do it with your eyes wide-open.

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