The pilot profession remains one of the most interesting jobs in the world. But not for the reasons you might immediately think of, e.g. flying big aircraft, visiting exotic places around the world and earning lots of money for this. No.

Being a pilot is a job which requires knowledge, a unique skills-set and determination that very few other professions need. Pilots take pride and enjoy the high level of problem solving, management and decision-making. Pilots are challenged by the demanding nature of the profession – no two days are the same.

But is that enough to get you through the long and irregular working hours (sometimes at night), calls from standby often at very short notice and the duty rosters which make many family and social commitments difficult to many? How long can you put up with a lack of contract and an unsecure job?

Flying is often a childhood dream. And it is certainly worth pursuing it. But before committing with time, energy and money, take a moment to draw a sensible line between dreams and realism!