Remaining current

Depending on the labour market and job opportunities, “waiting times” for a job can be quite long. At the moment in Europe many pilots have been searching for several years. Others with probably the ‘right’ flight school on their CV were able to find a job within a reasonable time frame.

During the time you are searching for a job it is important to stay active in a number of areas.

Make sure your CV, logbook and licenses are always up to date

When you get an opportunity to apply for a job prepare this well

Approach people and investigate what the best course of action is

Make sure you can present and sell yourself well

As good preparation is the basis of every flight, this is also the case with your application. To stay current with your piloting skills it is necessary to keep training – for instance in a simulator – at regular time intervals. These possibilities are sometimes provided by the flight school at a reduced rate. It is important to have some financial resources to keep your head above water during the time you are looking for a job as a pilot.